My Inner Ear Quartet has won the Silver Award in the 29th IFVA festival!

The VR animation “My Inner Ear Quartet”, based on Yoko Ogawa’s original work and directed by Koji Yamamura, 

was selected and won the Grand Prize in the VR category at the Ottawa International Animation Film Festival 2023!

Art & Science Collide

PST ART: Art & Science Collide will create opportunities for civic dialogue around some of the most urgent problems of our time by exploring past and present connections between art and science in a series of exhibitions, public programs, and other resources. Project topics range from climate change and environmental justice to the future of artificial intelligence and alternative medicine.

Pacific Standard Universe 

PSU Griffith Website Link

This 23-minute digital film explores the ways people have represented the cosmos across time and cultures. Traditional diagrams and models of the universe may have been rooted in astronomical observation, but they were intended as symbolic images of cosmic order rather than accurate pictures of the universe. In ancient cosmologies the universe changed slowly, or not at all. In scientific cosmology, change is continuous. Though we now examine and express cosmology primarily through mathematics, we still routinely describe and explain it through metaphor, analogy, animation, and illustration, just as our ancestors did. Pacific Standard Universe explores how cosmological symbols from ancient times (the Aztec Calendar Stone or the Chumash pictographs of the San Fernando Valley) and the imagery produced by the observatories and aerospace industry of California have transformed our perception of the universe. The film, which is related to the cosmology exhibition at LACMA, makes its debut at the Griffith Observatory in 2024 and will become part of it's ongoing education program.

AVAs: The First Five 

Hop Step Sing VR Live Trailer

Happy New Year!!!

Looking forward to a wonderful 2023


Excited to announce the RumbleBox collaboration project with Kodansha VR Labs “Thank you for sharing your world” is nominated for the  79th Venice International Film Festival! 


Hop Step Sing

After a year and a half, Hop Step Sing!’s VR Live is coming back with even more power as Hop☆Summer 2nd,  held on March 19, 2022 (Sat) 04:00(PST)!


Attended Griffith Observatory's Signs of Life Premiere and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Wednesday morning. It was such a joy to kick off this momentous occasion with you on the lawn and in the dome.

Signs of Life opens to the public today and I invite you to spread the word about this original, live show now playing in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium.


Hop Step Sing VR Concert Experience won the Honorable Mention at the DeadCenter Film Festival in Oklahoma 


A few of the Signs of Life Poster Concepts developed by RumbleBox.  We love to do traditional 2D graphic print designs too! 


Signs of Life Trailer is out.   And you can be part of the special premiere of the award winning film that RumbleBox partnered to bring to life!  Check out the link here for details 


Experience the Award-winning Feature Signs of Life, Only in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium


RumbleBox officially working on some exciting Metaverse and NFT projects!  More news to be released soon!


RumbleBox completed work on Hop Step Sing 2nd VR Concert Event.  The project live streamed on YouTube and will be available on Steam soon.


RumbleBox finished collaborations on 3 projects in 2021 including Hot Freaks animated pilot, Tig Notaro Drawn released on HBO Max and work on the 48th Annie Awards.  We are very happy in our joint ventures with the talented folks at Six Point Harness and look forward to more projects with them. 


The official trailer and full release is out on HBO Max!  We did a lot of the 3D environments including the stage, entrance, lobby and rafters with the cute spider sequence.  Such a great show!


Signs of Life won the Audience Award at the Brno Full Dome Festival.  Check out the link 


Check out the 48th Annie Award where RumbleBox did the visual work on some of the bumpers with the digital spinning zoetrope in clay and metal styles in collaboration with Six Point Harness.


RumbleBox finished work on Sign of Life, the 35 minute, full CGI, award winning, large format dome show.

Griffith Official Website 


RumbleBox is working on some very exciting projects.  Announcements will come soon.


Signs of Life won it's first award.  Best Film at the Jena Festival!

So proud of the work and the team behind this project.  We look forward to the premiere at Griffith soon.