We realize compelling stories  and craft immersive experiences.   We pride ourselves in our creative and technical talent and we like to showcase that in our work.

Our collaboration with some amazing partners have produced award winning augmented reality and virtual reality projects, episodic  series, games, feature animated films & immersive planetarium dome shows.

Project: My Inner Earth Quartet

Client: Kodansha VR Labs | Koji Yamamura

Project: Pacific Standard Universe

Client: Griffith | Getty

Project: Bloomborne Fight In AR!

Client: Jadu

Project:Thank You For Sharing Your World

Client:  Kodansha

Rumblebox  is collaborating on a narrative virtual experience "Thank You For Sharing Your World" due to release in 2022 

Project: Metaverse AR Kits

Client:  Invisible Thread | FaceBook | META

Rumblebox help developed over 80 metaverse/augmented reality kit scenes for Facebook 

Project: Tig Notaro Drawn HBO Special

Client: Six Point Harness | HBO 

Rumblebox worked on the original  HBO Tig Notaro comedy special.  The 3D stage environment, front entrance to the comedy theater, lobby and spider rafters were all developed by Rumblebox.

Project: Hop Step Sing 2nd VR Concert

Client: Kodansha

HOP STEP SING!!! Rumblebox collaboration on the Hop Step Sing VR Live Concert experience.  The project live-streamed on YouTube and will be released as a game on Steam in 2022

Project: Signs of Life

Client: Griffith of Los Angeles

This 3 year long collaboration with Griffith Observatory of Los Angeles took the top Audience Award at the 2021 FullDome Festival Brno.  The 35 minute, full CG film also won for Best Visualization at the 5th International Fulldome Festival "Reflection of the Universe"  and also took the Best Feature Film top prize at the 2020 Jena Film Festival 

Project: Hot Freaks

Client: Six Point Harness | Cartoon Network | Adult Swim

Rumblebox was part of the 3D asset development for the environments, props and animation of this pilot project for Adult Swim and Cartoon Network.  Our team worked on over 40 assets and 200 shots to produce this 3D for 2D stylization.  The final results blended seamlessly.     

Project: Substance Impact

Client: Allegorithmic | Adobe

RumbleBox produced this trailer for the release of Substance Painter.  Our studio fully concepted and directed the  CG action trailer to showcase the power of the Substance tools.  

Project: Orc  

Client: Allegorithmic | Adobe

RumbleBox produced this original tutorial for the release of Substance Painter.  This was developed to showcase the power of the tools.  

Project: 48th Annie Awards

Client: Six Point Harness | ASIFA

Rumblebox developed the full CG animated bumpers for the 48th annual Annie Awards (ASIFA)

Project: Hillary / Tenzing: Moment in History - Everest 1953

RumbleBox helped to develop the main character and to realize the animation for this iconic moment in human history.  The work was all created for real-time deployment in the Unreal Engine 

Project: RumboxBox Originals

Client: Internal

RumbleBox Originals is a talented crew developing unique intellectual properties inspired by stories we love and want to share.